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We care about the comfort of both the cow and the milker. You're able to work quickly, efficiently, and without bending into difficult positions, and the cows have sturdy surroundings that allow them to move easily. Our milking systems are designed for the efficient milking of large numbers of cows so the entire process is as profitable as possible, while respecting the cows' space requirements. It's very simple to us: your dairy farm needs to be healthy.

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Innovation products

Efficient and enjoyable milking

SAC offers various milking solutions, tailored to the desires, needs, and size of your herd. Of course, designed to make your daily tasks as efficient and enjoyable as possible. You can work efficiently, quickly, and in the correct posture, while the cows are in a solid environment where they can easily move around. With respect for their need for space, our milking solutions are developed so that cows can be milked efficiently to make the entire process as profitable as possible. 


Years of experience

The SAC milking parlors are developed based on years of experience in milking cows. Innovative products such as the IDC 1, 2 and 3 and the UniMilco ensure less stress in the barn and a faster and better milking process. We not only prioritize the comfort of your cows but also yours as a milker. 


Innovative products 

Our range of complete milking systems consists of flexible solutions. Naturally, these are carefully tailored to the desires and requirements of the individual dairy farmer. SAC is here for you. We are happy to help you find the ideal solution for milking your cows.

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‘It is a pleasure to milk here’

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