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We care about the comfort of both the goat and the milker. You're able to work quickly, efficiently, and without bending into difficult positions, and the goats have sturdy surroundings that allow them to move easily. With respect for their space requirements, our milking systems are designed to milk large numbers of goats efficiently to make the entire process as profitable as possible. Our vision is simple, your dairy farm must be healthy.

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Innovation products

Efficient milking

When it comes to milking goats, mothing improves efficiency better than a well-designed milking parlour. The milking itself does not take long, but the manual operations take up the majority of the entire milking process. It is therefore important that all actions can be carried out quickly, efficiently and routinely. High capacity is important, without compromising on milking quality. We are keen to work with you to develop the best possible parlour that meets all your requirements.

Years of experience

The SAC's milking parlours have been developed based on many years of experience in milking goats. The parlours distinguishes its self by innovative products like the service arm and the unique Handyflow 2 milking clusters. As soon as the milking cluster is placed under the goat, the snesor detects that milking is taking place. Vaccum is automatically tuned on onto the milking cluster, the teat cups are connected and milking start automatically. The height-adjustable SAC Unifloor ensures that it is always possible to stand at the correct working height. In addition to the comfort of the goats, we also care about that of the milker.


Innovative products

We offer flexible solutions within the range of our complete milking systems. Naturally adapted to the wishes and requirements of the individual dairy farmer. SAC is ready to assist you. We are happy to guide you in the search for the ideal solution for milking your goats.

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