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SAC introduces new milking robot Gemini powered by SAC

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Madison, US and Kolding, DK - March 1 2022 – SAC proudly introduces its new milking robot: Gemini powered by SAC. This next generation SAC milking robot has been developed to make the daily work of the dairy farmer as efficient and enjoyable as possible. With focus on the cow, the milk and the milker, Gemini powered by SAC fully supports the high ambition from SAC to partner up with the future generation of cows and dairy farmers. 

Innovative features

The milking robot has been developed based on years of experience. Innovative features like milking between the rear legs and a 3D camera to connect the milking cups better and faster, result in calm and stressless cows. During a full pre-milking cycle the focus is on optimal cleaning of the teats, stimulation of the teats, pre-milking and maximum oxytocin production for the best milk flow. The open design of Gemini powered by SAC gives the cow a clear view, giving her the feeling to be with the rest of the herd. In addition, the dairy farmer can monitor, with Unitrack, the cows 24 hours a day in real time for heat, rumination, feeding time and activity.


Up-to-date and future-proof

Developments in robotic milking follow each other in rapid succession. It is therefore important that the future-oriented dairy farmer has access to the latest innovations at all times. The Gemini powered by SAC is easy to upgrade for software as well as for equipment. The Gemini milking robot is available in single box and as an even more efficient double box. This enables SAC to offer a suitable solution for every type of farm, regardless of size, and every management style, tailored to the individual needs of the dairy farmer, now and in the future.


Service and support for futureline elite continues

This news means that SAC will stop selling the Futureline Elite milking robot. The Futureline Elite customers can of course continue to rely on their normal maintenance and service. “Since SAC joined forces with BouMatic in October 2021, a specific new path has been mapped out for the robot. This gives new opportunities for SAC," explains Carsten Nielsen, CEO of SAC Group Europe. "Although we are satisfied with the performance of Futureline Elite, we cannot avoid choosing one basic model to assure fast and practical future development.”


Solid proven milking technology

"We see the Gemini from SAC as a great market opportunity as the robot is unique, very stable, animal and user friendly." says Nielsen. "SAC is looking with full confidence to the future and is continuing their own path including conventional milking systems for goat, sheep and cow. With the Gemini concept SAC will act fully independent based on his own DNA in the market.


SAC - a healthy dairy farming life

SAC has been a global provider of milking solutions for cows, goats and sheep for over 85 years. The intuitive and innovative milking solutions meet the 'daily' needs of the animals, dairy farmer and employees. This enables the dairy farmer to operate more efficiently and therefore be a profitable and sustainable business. The goal is simple: dairy farming must be healthy. Therefore, SAC focuses on five pillars that are reflected in all facets of the business: milk quality, carbon footprint, ergonomics, animal welfare and longevity.

The Gemini, powered by SAC, will be available through the SAC dealer network from March 2022.


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