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SAC Cow Brush


Sturdy, durable and applicable everywhere

The SAC Cow Brush contributes to optimal health for your cows. Your cows are cleaner, as parasites and other vermin are easily  removed by this durable brush. Especially in places the cow cannot reach herself. It also reduces stress in the herd, improving cow welfare and resulting in higher milk productivity.

Robust and durable

The brush is sturdy and simple with a stainless steel core and high-quality nylon. The brush has bearings at both ends of the shafts. These parts make the brush even more sturdy. The housing of the brush is sealed and firmly secured. The brush starts rotating when the cow touches it and stops when she leaves. The operation of the brush can be set to three or five minutes. To ensure safety, the system shuts down when the brush is blocked for six seconds. You are assured of a reliable and safe product.

Applicable everywhere and stable

The SAC Cow Brush can be mounted in various ways. In particular, wall mounting and mounting on a straight or round post are preferred. In addition, you have the choice of positioning the brush at an angle of 10°, 20° or 30° depending on your wishes. The quality of brushing is guaranteed as the brush automatically rotates in the opposite direction after 200 rotations. Constant and stable use is thus a fact! And the unique structure of the bristles ensures a longer life.


The advantages at a glance

  • Ensures optimal health of your cows
  • Contributes to an increase in milk productivity
  • High-quality and durable solution
  • Reliable and safe product
  • With automatic start and stop
  • High-quality brushing
  • Applicable everywhere
  • Very energy-efficient
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