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Robot exchange in one day at Groot Boerle family in Zelhem

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Dairy Farm Groot Boerle



Gemini UP Double Box Milking Robot

SAC Unitrack Activity Measurement

SAC Profarm Management

Livestock: Holstein

Number of cows: 105

Milk production: 10,000 kg of milk/year


The freestall barn is divided into 2 groups, with 50 cows per milking box.

Each group has one concentrate feed box.

On October 31, SAC Senior proudly replaced the SAC Futureline double-box robot of the Groot Boerle family from Zelhem with a new SAC Gemini Up double-box milking robot. The Groot Boerle family had been using their SAC Futureline milking robot for 15 years. Due to their satisfaction with the performance of the old robot and the excellent service from SAC Senior, Groot Boerle once again chose a double-box milking system from SAC Senior.


Efficient Conversion

Thanks to the careful preparation and detailed planning by SAC Senior, the conversion of the entire robot system went exceptionally smoothly and quickly. The conversion to the new Gemini UP was completed within 10 hours. The farmer ensured that all cows were milked by the old robot at 6:00 AM, and then we began dismantling the old robot. By around 8:30 AM, the old milking system was removed from the barn, and by approximately 9:50 AM, the new SAC Gemini UP was in place. By 4:00 PM, the first cows entered the Gemini Up robot and were once again happy to be milked.


Positive Results

The conversion not only went flawlessly and to the farmer's satisfaction but also led to positive results on the farm. Milk production returned to its previous level within a few weeks. An interesting additional benefit of the conversion is that the somatic cell count has clearly decreased, currently standing at 85. This demonstrates that the Gemini Up is not only efficient but also beneficial for the health of the livestock.


Watch the Timelapse Video

A timelapse video of this complete conversion was made so you can see what is involved in converting to the new Gemini robot. If you are curious about these video images, please feel free to contact SAC Senior.


We thank the Groot Boerle family for their trust and wish them a lot of milking pleasure on behalf of the SAC Senior team!

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