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SAC introduces new external rotary for goats: 2RO

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SAC introduces the lastest and most innovative goat external rotary ever!

An efficient, well-designed complete and high speed milking system is of great importance. Manual operations take up the largest part of the total milking process. It is therefore important that all operations can be carried out quickly, efficient and uniform in a standard routine. Milking capacity is important without compromising on milking quality. SAC has been a major player in this sector for more than 80 years, with a very high degree of experience in milking. SAC presents now a new and innovative milking rotary called the: 2RO.

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The latest technology for milking goats

The 2RO includes several unique and distinguishing features. One of these features is the QuickUp, which allows the dairy farmer to milk directly through the platform. This improves ergonomics and reduces the number of operations per goat. The QuickStart ensures that milking starts automatically when the teat cups are lifted up into the hands of the milker. This is not only an ergonomic advantages, but the farmer can connect from 2.7 seconds per goat by one milker*. The wide range of movement of the teat cups ensures a faster and smoother milking process.

  • QuickUp – milk directly through the platform
  • Quick attachment - 2.7 seconds per goat by one milker*
  • Robust construction - one cylinder per milkstand
  • Ergonomic milking - light teat cups and a short distance to the teats
  • Automatic cleaning and start position - save 10 minutes per milking
  • Continuous milking at the entrance for second round
  • Easy to maintain, because of the removable IDC

Goat milking will change forever with this innovation!

"The dedicated SAC team has brought together its knowledge and expertise with the needs of goat farmers in mind. After a high degree design and an intensive period of practical farm testing the product is finetuned and now ready for launch. We are therefore extremely proud of our new milking rotary: “2RO" says Carsten Nielsen, CEO of SAC Milking. This rotary will truly change the way we milk goats and is an innovation which will help goat farmers for many years to come. Our goal is simple: dairy farming must be optimal for the animal, the milker and milk quality. “We succeeded to reach that without 2RO product”.

The 2RO will be available from September 2022 through the SAC dealer network.


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