Side-by-side Rapid Exit

The side-by-side rapid exit milking parlour is the most complete and well-developed goat milking parlour on the market. In close cooperation with goat farmers, many improvements have been implemented in recent years. The result is a high functional milking parlour where ease of use and overview of the goats are important features. The side-by-side milking system is easy to use, offers great flexibility and is easy to upgrade in the future. The side-by-side milking parlour rapid exit is available in the Footloose and Footloose Comfort models.

Side-by-side Rapid Exit

For the goat

The side-by-side milking parlour is fitted with slanted positioning gates. This enables the goat to enter and exit easily. The goat can quickly take its place without any problems and can simply leave again after milking. In addition, the side-by-side milking parlour is ideal for feeding goats either automatically or not.

For the milk

The position of the IDC milk unit ensures short and gentle transport of the milk to the iso dimensioned milk line. From the stainless steel milk receiver, the milk is carefully transported to the milk cooling tank by the frequency-controlled SAC milk pump. The most gentle way of milk transport. The milk maintains its high quality in every aspect.

For the milker

The cluster is at the ideal height for good milking: right in front of the milker. This makes it easy to handle and tot attach with one ergonomic downward movement. As soon as you move the teat cups direction towards the udder, the vacuum is automatically activated by the Quickstart feature. All you have to do is attach the teat cups to the teats and the rest is done for you. You are very close to the goats during milking, which makes good follow-up control easy. And with the adjustable SAC Unifloor, you are always at the right working height. SAC ensures healthy working conditions. In addition, several operating points for the exit gate are possible, which reduces the need to walk for the milker. The maintenance-free tilting system reduces maintenance costs.

Total solution

The milking installation is fitted with a compact IDC milking unit that combines all necessary functions. These include: a pulsator, automatic removal from udder, Quickstart, display, milk measurement and communication. The parlour is therefore very open and accessible. The Milking Parlour Monitor gives a clear overview of the entire milking process and all relevant data during milking. The oil-free and energy-saving industrial Unipump and Uniwash3+ automatic cleaning system that come with the system contribute to an investment, assuring you of low maintenance costs per year.

The side-by-side milking parlour is available from 2x24 up to 2x60 stands. Of course, customization is possible.



The Footloose Rapid Exit parlour is a suspended construction, hung from a supporting frame. Only a few uprights are placed near the front panel. This legless floating construction with plastic panels and non-spring-loaded gates is very easy to clean, low-maintenance and gives a maximum overview of your goats.

Feeding in a goat milking parlour is indispensable for a number of dairy farmers. To get the goats settled in the milking parlour even faster, providing a portion of bait chunks or dosed concentrates is an additional option. By placing a feeding trough, this supplement is easy to use in the Footloose milking parlour.

To make milking even smoother and easier, there is also the additional option of providing latches for the positioning gates of the milking parlour. These latches fixate the gates in open position so that milking of very mobile yearlings in particular is easy. A central release switch allows the postioning gates to close again with a single touch once the goats have left the milking parlour.

Your benefits
  • Robust construction for a long operational life
  • Self-supporting frame with only one ground support for very +/- uprights
  • Plastic panels in front section, side fences and rear gates
  • Easy-to-clean plastic panels with sound-absorbing effect
  • Maintenance-free, non-spring-loaded gates with stainless steel hinges
  • User-friendly parlour with a good overview
  • Available with latches, so that the postioning gates stay fixed in the open position

Footloose Comfort

In addition tot the well-known benefits of the Footloose, the Footloose Comfort parlour has been developed in co-operation with experienced goat farmers, due to the increasing interest in concentrate feeding. This milking parlour, next to the well-known Footloose, compliments the wishes of today's goat farmers regarding the distribution of feed during milking.

The Footloose Comfort is available with optional large feeding troughs of 4.5 litres. All types of feeding systems can be used, which even makes it possible to dispense concentrated feed in doses. The Footloose Comfort is also equipped with preparation for position detection. The pneumatic control is equipped with a heavy-duty pull rod mechanism without counterweights.

Hydraulic control is available as an option. A higher placed feeding trough, adjusted to the comfort of the goat, making individual feeding possible, is the essential difference between Footloose and Footloose Comfort.

Your benefits
  • All the benefits of the Footloose
  • Optimal and individual feeding by using large troughs at variable heights between approx. 400 - 500 mm
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Dealer network - local support

We know how important it is that your milking parlour works properly. The experienced service organisation of your local SAC-dealer is here for you to give you all necessary advice and support. Whether by phone, online or in person on the site. With 24-hour availability, you can receive appropriate assistance at any time of the day. This ensures a short response time and immediate support when needed. After all, it is important that you (and your employees) can do your job the best way possible and your dairy farm runs smoothly.


Minimize your cost

Our experienced service organisation will be happy to advise you on preventive maintenance, improvements and service agreements. Our high-quality maintenance protocols are important for a smooth-running milking parlour. Reduce your costs and optimise your system. This will keep your milking installation reliable and efficient for years to come.



To ensure that everyone within SAC is up-to-date with tomorrow’s knowledge and technology, we share our knowledge and experience at the SACademy. This is our training facility for SAC-dealers and technicians. All technicians follow SAC’s recognised training courses. This assures you of the best possible service and support. We are here to advise and support you. With over 80 years of experience in milking technology, we share our knowledge and experience to give you the best possible service. 

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