Capr'Inov | 22, 23 November 2023 | France


Every two years, Capr'Inov, the international goat fair in Niort in the Deux-Sèvres region offers visitors, breeders, students and technicians, among others, a rich programme including field visits, technical workshops, conferences on goat breeding, presentation of goat breeds, competitions for cheese and goat meat products and many other events.

Activities during Capr'Inov
Numerous part events will be organised throughout the fair and in the different halls. Visitors can attend debates on the Capr'I TV set and learn more about setting up and passing on a goat farm at the centre #Eleveurcaprindemain or learn about innovative production methods during the Capr'I Tech workshops.

During Capr'Inov, there will also be the presentation of small goat breeds, Spanish goat breeds and genetic presentations, meat cutting demonstrations and tasting of goat products such as: Capri Burger, ice cream and goat milk products.

Competitions at Capr'Inov
Since the beginning of the international goat show, the organisation has been highlighting the sector's actors and their work. Several competitions take place during this show to reward the daily work of breeders, producers, exhibitors and high school students.

These competitions are designed for breeders who want to highlight their practical tips, for producers who want to showcase their products, as well as for high school agricultural students to test their knowledge, as well as amateur photographers. 

Conferences at Capr'Inov
About 30 technical conferences are offered to visitors at each edition of Capr'Inov. The topics covered are many and varied: establishment/transfer of a farm, technical management of livestock, layout of stables, genetics, health aspects, nutrition, etc.

The "industry" tour of the Capr'Inov exhibition
An industry tour of goat farms in the region is organised the day before the International Goat Exhibition. This day of field visits will give farmers, students and technicians the opportunity to discover the latest innovations in areas such as farm equipment, feed and building design.

Will you stop by our stand too?
SAC will be present with a stand during the Capr'Inov. We look forward to seeing you.