Sheep & goat milking system 

Efficient milking

In the milking of sheep and goats, nothing improves efficiency as much as a well designed milking parlour. As milking itself is of extremely short duration, the manual preparation of each animal constitutes a large proportion of the overall milking process. It is therefore important that the milking parlour allows all functions to be accomplished rapidly and efficiently. 

Every possible advantage

The SAC milking parlour has been developed on the basis of considerable experience in the milking of sheep and goats. Equipped with unique SAC HANDYFLOW teatcups, the parlour provides such features as automatic vacuum control, allowing milking to start automatically as soon as the teatcup is in place. The automatic vacuum control also prevents air intake during teatcup attachment or if the animal kicks the teatcup off during milking. Together with its automatic functions, the low teatcup weight eases operation and, equally importantly, speeds up the milking process. Quickly in place SAC milking parlours are designed for rapid animal throughput – a necessity for the efficient milking of sheep and goats. The feed system, which is also available with automatic refill from silo, continuously provides each animal with a specific quantity of feed in a trough. These troughs are automatically removed at the exit, ensuring that the animals quickly leave the parlour. The system ensures exceptionally high milking frequency in daily operations. 

Flexible solution

SAC offers complete milking systems, including everything from teatcups to bulk milk tank, but can also supply flexible solutions adapted to the wishes and requirements of individual farmers.

Brochure - Sheep and Goat Milking