RDS Futureline MAX - The future starts now

The market's most flexible system, where 1 + 1 = 4
With the RDS Futureline you get a system which suits the size of your herd, whether you have 60, 90, 300 or more cows. A good investment for herd sizes of 75 to 120 cows - only 1 robot arm per 2 milking places lowers the operational costs.

The market's lowest consumption of resources
If you believe in saving on electricity and water because the resources are cost-intensive the RDS Futureline is the obvious solution to you. Based on experiences from thousands of parlours we have documented that the RDS Futureline has the lowest waterusage of all milking robots.Together with very moderate energy consumption this makes it a financially attractive milking system with a low maintenance. Low water consumption = less wastewater = lower storage cost and distribution of slurry.

TIM - Total integrated Management - the market's most user-friendly Management System
TIM is a completely integrated management and surveillance program, which is exceptionally farmer-friendly. Complete herd management - all animals collective in one system. It communicates with official records.
Data must only be entered once - gives you a high degree of certainty. The program's financial module gives you a complete financial overview of each of the cows. The program's quota module makes it possible for you to plan your production in order to make the most out of your milk quota. It also comes as a PDA /Smarphone solution where you are able to register each individual animal.

The market's best protection against infections
With the unique SDS (Steam and Disinfection System) SAC minimizes the risk of spreading infections between the individual cow's glands and from cow to cow. In connection with the preparation of the individualcow a detergent is added to the washing of the teats and this improves the cleaning and minimizes the spreading of infections from teat to teat. The unique preparation teat cup is cleaned with detergents each time and in order to lower the risk of spreading infections the teat cup sets are disinfected with steam after each milking.

The market's best consultancy
Many different factors are involved in robot milking, e.g. the choice of cow traffic, crop management and the optimal location in the barn as easy access to the robot is of great importance. In connection with robot milking it is the individual cow's needs you have to pay attention to - its individual milking pattern. When you invest in RDS Futureline you are automatically offered an impartial consultancy and follow up on the further development of optimizing the robot milking in your herd. In this connection we have teamed up with AMS counsellors from local consultancy centres.

Market oriented service concept - "Basic - Plus - Premium"
With the SAC national dealer network you are secured a quick and effective service on your parlour. The service intervals are based on the number of milkings and not on time, which gives the lowest cost per milking.

The market's most intelligent and flexible milk collection
10 different ways of milk collection. IMC (Intelligent Milk Collection) gives you the possibility to collect individually from cow to cow - independent of the milking box. You can collect the milk in buckets, a milking tank, a cooling tank etc. With an optimal storage of the milk for both the dairy and the calves, you will have the maximum yield of your milking production. When storing the milk for feed in a cool place it will increase animal welfare among your calves. A proper storage of calf milk = better calf well-being = better operating income.

Touch Screen placed individually for more boxes
With a Touch Screen you have direct access to all you preferred attention lists which give you a quick overview of the cows which require extra attention. You have full access to entering the required
action such as the separation of the cow and the milk, milking intervals, allocation of compound feeding etc. You will have the full access to the management program directly at the robot which enables you to enter or change data for all the cows and at the same time have the full overview of the herd. You can choose the position of the Touch Screen in the robot area and can control an arbitrary number of milking boxes.

Brochure - RDS Futureline MAX

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