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SAC has been in the milking machine business since 1938. Since the foundation of SAC in 1938 and until now, an immense development has taken place for the individual milk producer – the farmer. Production efficiency has gone up dramatically with the increase in production, and at the same time the milk producers have faced increased demand for milk quality from regulators and consumers. This development has led to a consolidation amongst farmers as well as suppliers of milking equipment. This development also implies that the milk producers are in constant need of more efficient and sophisticated production equipment. Today, microprocessors are worn by the milker and the cow and they are installed all over in the milking parlor. The management programs handle and sort the huge amounts of data which are constantly gathered. This is done intelligently so that only relevant and necessary data, which requires action from the milker or the farm manager, are provided. Hereby, order and structure is created out of comprehensive and chaotic information, and the milker is able to act rationally with a minimum of resources. Since the foundation, SAC has been part of this development and is today strongly positioned on the world market as one of the few global full-line suppliers. SAC has had the advantage of having a domestic market whith a tradition of enforcing some of the world’s strictest rules and regulations for milking quality and food safety. This fact, together with the fact that our milk producers are among the best and most efficient in the world, makes us experts in handling high demands for efficiency and quality and cover these demands with new and innovative solutions for the farmer, for the benefit of our Danish and – since 1948 - international customers. Almost 75 years have passed since we started – we look forward to the next 75. 

René Meyer Johannsen
CEO, SAC Denmark and Hokofarm Group Holland

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