SAC is a growing concern. SAC has many years of experience of full-line supply and is now the leading supplier of milking systems. Sales of both conventional milking systems and milking robots continue to grow every year. In addition to sales, we also offer high-quality installation, maintenance and services. We have an extensive network of distributors in Germany. At the SAC Service Centre, highly professional technicians check, redesign, repair and replace parts in your milking system. SAC develops products that need only minimal maintenance. We like to think that our products make customers happy for years. A milking place that works perfectly makes life easier for the milker and ensures that milk quality is high. Regular service and maintenance of the milking system is in the cow, the milk and the milker's best interests.

If you need help in an emergency, call the SAC Call Centre, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At the Call Centre, we provide help over the phone and a quick diagnosis to determine whether our Help Desk can help you or if we need to send a service technician. If you need help on the spot, our Call Centre will call out a service technician for you.

You are also welcome to call the Call Centre if you need help to operate (management) software in you (automatic) milking system. If you need help of this kind, we hope that you will call during normal office hours.

Many years of experience tells us that preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid problems. SAC now also offers a maintenance agreement on our robot milking system.

Aaret Rundt