Feeding station - FDS3

SAC has launched a new version of feeding station FDS3. The feeding station has a very open design. The cow maintains contact with the rest of her herd while feeding – and feels secure. Thanks to the new and unique dosing system, no fodder is wasted and cows are not harassed by other more aggressive cows.

The system can also be supplied with a rear gate. The feeding system can be used with liquid fodder. The feeding system is wireless and compatible with the ID products via neck, ear and leg transponders. The new feeding station is also suitable for use in a resting box. As the grid height is variable, the (automated) manure scraper or robot can work unhindered. As the system is modular, the feeding station can be expanded to include two, three or four feeding boxes – which of course makes the system even more economical.

The grid is made of galvanised steel, the fodder dosing system is made of stainless steel and the fodder container is made of durable plastic.

Technical data:

• 1-4 box versions

• liquid fodder injection (optional)

• rear gate (optional)

• open design

• unique dosing system prevents waste and harassment from other cows

• reduced energy consumption

• identification via ear tag, MRS-/Tiris collar and MRS leg transponder

• suitable for use in resting box 

FDS3 Gate


Feeding station - FDS1

SAC offers strong feeding stations. The open feeding station is made of durable materials, e.g. stainless steel with strong synthetic parts – for a long useful lifetime. The feeding station is intended for 1-4 types of fodder. Regular dry fodder up to 6 mm in diameter, dry cow minerals or mono propylene glycol fodder.

The trough design ensures that the cow has easy access to fodder and the animal remains in the feeding box for as short a time as possible. Once the feed is dosed, an electrical overflow valve prevents more fodder from falling into the trough.

The fodder station can be fitted with antennas for neck or ear transponders or Acto leg transponders.

The SAC compound fodder feeding station can also be supplied with a rear gate to ensure that the cow is not disturbed while she is eating. The gate prevents other cows from harassing the cow at the trough.


  • Strong design
  • Long useful lifetime
  • Up to four types of fodder
  • Normal dry fodder, 6 mm diameter
  • Dry cow minerals
  • Mono propylene glycol
  • Neck, ear or leg transponder
  • Optional rear gate to prevent crowding (see illustration here, image at bottom)

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: L x B x H = 282 cm x 90 cm x 202 cm
  • Funnel volume: 50 l in total, split funnel 25 l
  • Motor: 24 VAC 3 amp


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