Uniflow 4 SE

• Suitable for separate/bucket milking
• Slimmer milking cluster
• Trapezoidal shape
• Ensures an easy attachment



IDC 2b & 3b
In larger parlour installations, the dairy farmer does not need a display on each individual IDC. Therefore, SAC has introduced a cost-efficient solution - the IDC 2b and IDC 3b (b for basic). The general functionality of the IDC 2b and IDC 3b is comparable to the IDC 2 and IDC 3 - just without a display and push buttons. The new IDC 2b and IDC 3b are operated and managed by the SAC UniMilco. 


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The UniMilco is a new easy-to-use milking unit offering you an all-in-one solution including all functions needed to operate your milking system.



We have now enhanced our series of UNIFLOW4 solutions to give you a choice based on your needs for optimised work environment and good milk quality. UNIFLOW4SHis specifically designed for 30° and 180° parlour.



The HANDYFLOW2 series has been developed for milking goats. The cluster is available in a simple and functional design that is easy to handle for the milker - no matter if it is installed in a high or low milking parlour.


Foldable Washing Bracket

Foldable Wash Bracket
Our new enhanced wash bracket solution offers you a better handling of the cluster. The wash bracket can be folded away during milking optimising your working conditions.


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is constructed with a stable steel lower part and a transparent upper part, which is also available in a gland conductivity measuring version. A fine dimensioning ensures milking of as much as 14 liters per minute.


SAC Uniflow 4S

The stainless steel is the same high quality but we have enhanced the performance. The UNIFLOW4S is made for SBS milking parlours and external rotary systems.




To ensure the best possible milking SAC uses its own rubber blend which has been developed in cooperation with a specialty factory making liners. New types of rubber and constructions are continuously developed and tested in order to provide the best milking liner.



is an extremely advanced pulsator and milking unit remover with no extra equipment so it is possible to get the latest technology at a favorable price. All setting is done from the power supply.


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indicator +/- 5% combines in one unit everything needed at a stall position: pulsator, remover, knee start, display, milk meter, conductivity at gland or total level, CANOPEN communication, etc.



is constructed precisely like IDC 2, but it is equipped with an ICAR milk measurement module which ensures ICAR approved milk measuring. The milk measuring is electronically performed with no extra valves or gaskets.



UNIFLOW4 Plastic milking
unit can be provided in cases of need for low weight of the complete milking unit. The low weight comes from plastic shells. The high-impact plastic is perfect for the rough conditions



The cow has been prepared, and milking is about to begin. You focus on the udder, grab the milking unit and take it to the udder, the engine starts automatically, and you have vacuum for attachment and milking.



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SAC sampling 
is a simple and tested construction which ensures a precise ICAR approved sample of the milk. The sampling must be washed together with the milking plant. The bottle must be washed separately.


IDC power supply
With this unit, all IDCs are set. All communication to the IDCs and the management system takes place via the power supply. Furthermore, in tie-up stalls, the milk amounts are gathered here.


Saccomatic keyboard
In milking parlours where the IDCs are mounted in a technical basement, this keyboard can be mounted on every or every second stall position.



is developed so that it applies to not only SAC plants, but it is also designed for washing of other plants. With UNIWASH, as much as 40% of the water can be saved.


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Touch screen
The display of this parlour computer shows the milking parlour and the cows in it. Cow numbers and other relevant data are shown. Cows that need attention are displayed in color so that the necessary arrangements can be made.


TIM – Total Integrated Management
Here all information from milking and parlour is gathered. The information is evaluated and the milker informed of required efforts.



IDC T Rail double/single
is the system for milking with as many as 10 units at a time. With this system, with two IDC T on every UNILINE cart, it is possible to milk as many as 60 cows per hour.


is a safe investment in the future. The latest software. Reusable in a possible future parlour. Flexible opportunities for combination offer maximum return of the investment.

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Oiled vane-vacuum pumps
are available in sizes up to 2550l/min. They are constructed so that inspection of the vanes can be performed without disassembly, and the pump can be subsequently adjusted for wear. The pump is equipped with a reliable capillary pipe oiling system and silencer and is available with an efficient oil catcher.


is an oil free Rootspump with three barrels, available in sizes from 1500 to 4200 l/min. UNIPUMP is built into a noise cabinet and equipped with damping of both suction and pressure. Exhaust air can be used for heating.



Separation box
is constructed for separation to 2 or 3 sides. Texas and separation gates are powered by damped starting air cylinders so that all movements are quietly performed.



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Milk pump
is a volumetric vane milk pump ensuring careful treatment of the milk. Furthermore, the pump is particularly well-qualified for frequency control.



Feed box
is made in an open construction of pipes which provides the cow with a free view. All the parts which feed comes into contact with are made of corrosion resistant materials.



Plate cooler
is available in sizes fitting with the milk pump of the plant. Plate cooler for well water or for a combination of well water/ice water is optional. With SAC’s frequency controlled milk pump an inexpensive and efficient cooling is obtained.



identifies the ID of the cow and measures the activity of the cow by division of 24 hours into periods of 96 minutes. Hereby, a short activity in heat activity can be detected with great certainty.

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Vacuum regulator
Vacuum regulator and digital vacuum meter are your guarantee for working with a steady vacuum that keeps the ISO standards.



Digital vacuum meter
With a distinctly flashing signal, possible errors will be displayed on the digital vacuum meter.



is available as 60/40-60 and 50/50-50 pulsator and is liquid damped. It can be continuously variably adjusted for all vacuum levels, and in addition it can be adjusted for haltning.




Milk tubes
are available in PVC or rubber in the sizes ø13 and ø16. Both types of tubes are certified so that they keep the strict requirements for liberation of fertility dangerous phthalates to the milk. Your guarantee for producing healthy milk.

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Triple tube
is a combination of milk tube and double air tube. It is available with a ø13 and a ø16 milk tube. The special joining makes the tube flexible and easy to clean.


Milking cloth
is made of coarsely woven, hard-wearing cotton material which ensures the best possible removal of dirt from the teats, and at the same time it can stand up to a large number of washings at high temperature without fraying.


Filter bags
are made of a food approved material and has a high tightness so that all unwanted particles are removed from the milk.


SAC hygiene- and cleaning agents
contain a complete range of products for cleaning of the milking plant and care of the udder, both for summer and winter.