Side by Side

SBS milking parlours are designed for use with ordinary and small cows to ensure that, e.g. in a Jersey herd, both cows and the milker have good milking conditions.

The dual-cylinder exit gate can be indexed to bring the cows to the milker. Feeding boxes for fixed or individual feeding can be placed at the exit gate.

SAC's intelligent rotating exit gate turns at speed to the horizontal position. It remains in this position for a pre-set period, after which, operating at low speed, it gently pushes the cows out. The milker can set pushing force manually. When the cows are out, the exit gate returns to start position. The gate can be indexed to push the cows closer to the milker.

The SAC SBS industrial milking system is manufactured for constant hard work. It is supplied with stainless steel panels or as a variant made entirely of stainless steel. The cows stand very close to the milker in all SAC SBS milking parlours. The stalls are equipped with milk lines, which can be adjusted to the individual udder. The lines are designed to allow exit gates to be opened either all at once or individually.

The lines are fully moulded and integrated into the stainless steel cabinet behind the cows. Optional channel and splash screens. The channel prevents manure from landing on the floor. The splash screen takes up little space and the milker can get very close to the cow. You decide which solution you prefer.

Benefits of side-by-side (Hudonk) milking parlour

  • short milk lines
  • good cow position
  • fast flow
  • optional manure plate/tray
  • high capacity
  • optional compound feed unit

Technical data side-by-side (Hudonk) milking parlour

  • Height: 245 cm
  • Width: 70 cm

90 Grader Billed

> External Rotary 
> SBS Fast Exit
> SBS Swing Over

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