Herringbone 60°

A 60° herringbone milking parlour offers a compact milking space behind the cow. It works best if all the cows are more or less the same size. In this variant, to simplify the milking process, the cows also stand close to the pit edge. Cows, which have high or low-hanging udders, can be milked easily using the simple and flexible milk line, which is integrated into the pit edge.

Benefits of 60° herringbone milking parlour

  • shorter distance between the cows
  • short milk lines
  • the milker works very close to the cow
  • direct milking between hind legs
  • good suction
  • fast ramp
  • ideal for a short and wide cowshed.

Extra equipment

  • Unifloor height-adjustable floors
  • CIP cleaning unit and water recycling
  • teat spray system
  • management
  • milk measurement (IDC with touch screen)
  • CMT mastitis test
  • milk separator with mastitis indicator
  • service rails.


60 Grader Billede 

> 60° Standard
> 60° Swing Over










Visgraat 1











Visgraat 3