Herringbone 30°

The 30° herringbone milking parlour is a simple design, which is well-thought-out to the smallest detail to create best milking conditions for the cow and the milker. The pit edge is an integral part of the milking parlour. The cows stand close to the pit edge without irritating one another. Both zigzag pipes run close to the cow's body so the milker can get close to the udder.

Benefits of 30° herringbone milking parlour

  • easy and efficient
  • easy access for the user
  • cows in place quickly
  • ideal for use in a long, narrow shed.

Extra equipment

  • Unifloor height-adjustable floors
  • CIP cleaning unit and water recycling
  • teat spray system
  • management
  • milk measurement (IDC with touch screen)
  • CMT mastitis test
  • milk separator with mastitis indicator
  • service rails.


30 Grader Billede 

> Internal Rotary
> 30° Standard
> 30° F Fast Exit
> 30° H Fast Exit










Visgraat 1











Visgraat 2