SAC is a full-line supplier of milking systems...

SAC produces and supplies all types of milking systems and milking equipment. We can supply simple bucket systems and any type of milking parlour, from simple herringbone parlours and high quality, state-of-the-art rotary parlours of different sizes to large, industrial milking parlours with fully automated management systems, milk metering, feeding systems, management systems, height-adjustable floors and very advanced automatic robotic milking systems.

We also offer a comprehensive range of milking parlours for sheep and goats.

Working closely without our network of external partners, SAC can supply ancillary products, such as silos and screw conveyors, cooling tanks, cowshed inventory, manure and fodder robots, fully automatic feeding systems, a full range of calf rearing products and a very broad assortment of agricultural products.

On request, SAC can fit a new dairy production unit from A to Z.

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