The company

Founded in 1938, A/S S.A.Christensen & CO. is today one of the leading companies in Europe specialising in the production of milking parlours and milking equipment. The company is a 100% Danish, family-owned, limited company. It is presently owned and led by the third generation of Christensens, Steen A. Christensen.

Over the years, the company has developed into an international manufacturing and trading company that exports milking equipment, milking parlours and other products to more than 65 countries around the world. Exports presently account for more than 60% of total turnover.

Our success is based on a sound philosophy ...The company has the perfect mission – based on the philosophy formulated by the company's founder, Svend Aage Christensen, back in 1938 – to manufacture and market equipment of exceptional quality in a handy design. Everything must be simple to operate and easy to service – and, above all, gentle on the cows. And this still applies.

SAC continuously performs intensive research and development in close cooperation with Danish and foreign research institutes, farmers, agricultural consultants and veterinary surgeons to ensure our products are of the highest possible quality. As we say at SAC: "If there's anything we can do for the good of the cow, the milk or the operator, we'll do it".

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